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The Future Based on Tradition since 1832

Over a period of 175 years, four generations have molded with caution, advancement and flexibility a company that has at all times given the industry a positive impulse. Changing market conditions are now calling on the 5th and 6th generations to keep up the tradition and lead Niemann-Möbelteile into the future by means of new concepts.

JSI is proud to partner with Neimann to offer cutting edge laminates that are on, and ahead of, the trends, pairing their German excellence with our North American manufacturing to bring incredible possibilities in kitchen design with record lead times in fabrication.
Neimann product offered by JSuss Industries

Solid Colors

Grouppo Frati Solid White
Groupo Frati Alpine White
Alpine White
Grouppo Frati Solid Ivory
Neimann Champagne Gold Matt
Champagne Gold Matt
Neimann Champagne Gold Crumble
Champagne Gold Crumble
Neimann Steel Crumble
Steel Crumble
Groupp Frati Solid Grey Brown
Grey Brown
Groupp Frati Solid Stone Grey
Stone Grey
Neimann Titanium Crumble
Titanium Crumble
Grouppo Frati Solid Slate Grey
Slate Grey
Grouppo Frati Solid Graphite
Groupo Frati Solid Anthracite
Neimann Copper Crumble
Copper Crumble
Grouppo Frati Solid Black

Metallic Colors

Grouppo Frati Metal Titanium
Grouppo Frati Metal Steel
Groupo Frati Metal Chrome
Grouppo Frati Metal Copper


Grouppo Frati Masonic Hickory
Masonic Hickory
Grouppo Frati Carini Walnut
Carini Walnut
Groupp Frati Dark Olive
Dark Olive
Groupo Fratii Castello
Grouppo Frati Mystic 1
Mystic 1
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